Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surprised by Joy (apologies to C.S.L.)

I was seriously freaking out about my business trip.  I knew I did not eat everything in sight, but I ate a lot of what was in sight.  And I wasn't exercising because my back was wrecking me.  So I was imagining the worst.  Images of balloons, blimps, elephants, murals of grapes covering the side of a building, James and the Giant Peach in the middle of the story after the peach is giant but before it is diminished by circumstances, danced in my head

The only thing I did in moderation was embarrassing.  I ordered a fruit and cheese plate at the Padres v. Brewers baseball game.  What kind of ball park sells a fruit and cheese plate?  What kind of man who wishes to keep his man card orders a fruit and cheese plate?  What kind of sucker pays 12 bucks for a dollars worth of grapes, brie, gouda and strawberries?

My reward?  I gained nothing.  The scale was kind.

I wrote last time that I am trying to shed the tyranny of the scale, but I ain't home yet.  I raced into the house just to see the damage...and was rewarded by joy.

I don't know if it was good Karma, but it was pretty good Gouda.  That's right, captial G.  Or J.


188 today.  I skipped pilates cuz it was putting the hoobie doobie on my sciatic/hip thingy.  But I have been stretching and icing like no other.  Today I felt some improvement.  So I went to the gym and just 'pumped iron'.   Isolated muscle work only.  No functional circuit training.  I think I will be a little sore tomorrow.  But my biceps are gonna be HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Business Travel II

Good news.  I took my running stuff with me on a biz trip to San Diego.

Bad News.  I am eating goofier than I have since the end of January when I started trying to change and well before I started balogging.  (Yes, I am calling balogging.)  I had really hoped that after 3 months of not dieting, I would be a little safer.  It isn't any new idea, but I am not using the word diet because I do not expect this to be a temporary change to reach an artificial goal.  I am trying to eat a sane amount of food, balanced and nutrient dense, combined with moderate but regular exercise and then let my body tell me what I should weigh.

The last two nights I was not sane.  I had been finding it easy to eat smaller portions until this trip.  And I had been enjoying ordering food I like but that met my balanced and healthy goals, until this trip.  Most discouraging of all, my back is acting up after losing 20 lbs and working hard everyday to strengthen my core, corp, coor.

Good news.  I am learning that there is not 'safe'.  It is not a good swing thought.  (My family plays a lot of golf.)

Good news.  There is just today and how I do today.  Except I will borrow a little from last night.  I ate what seemed like a bushel of steamed broccoli.  The cracks between my nose holes and my cheeks look a little green...the green of healthy eating!  (That was hokey)


No scale here at the hotel.  Weighing myself has been helpful in the past, but I am getting ready to stop.  I set some non-weight related goals at the gym on Monday and I really want to leave weighing myself behind.  But, I don't think I am really ready.  We'll see.