Friday, April 16, 2010

Honey Comb

I live in a very cool place. Mandarin and nectarine orchards to the West.  Cherries North and South.  Fallow to the East.  Sometimes when I run, I just run around the trees.  Today I was daydreaming about everything hitting my nose...citrus, new mown grass, fresh cut wood, rotting mandarins and a little rain.

Which brings me to the reason this is the most fascinating and worth while blog in the bloglag (I am trying to get a new word going to replace blogosphere that imparts some of my feelings that the internet can be as much a prison as a free space.  Get it.  Gulag.  Bloglag.  It doesn't flow but it is my first idea).

Which brings me to the reason...because you just don't know what is coming next.  I was smelling my way around the orchards when I ran right into some portable beehives, literally.  Only the buzzin' brought me out of my reverie.  I took off at a fair trot and the buzzing would not stop.  I have super bottle brush hair and a bee got stuck in my muck.  I think he wanted out.  I wanted him out.  But he finally gave up and stuck me.  Owiee.  A hit to the melon.

Beside that, it was a very good run today.  I felt good the whole way.


191.  I forgot breakfast, but had a nice lunch of bananas, yogurt, walnuts, spinach and lunch meat.  I roll up the meat and the spinach.  Tastes good to me.  I am off to a Scout Jamboree for the weekend.  I ate some left over pizza to get ready.  Jeez, my head is pulsing.


  1. This is how bad I am. I thought this blog was about cereal....

    By the way, my new snack idea is cheerios. plain, no milk, no sugar. Beats chips.

  2. Like the blog Jeff.
    Heard there is going to be over 10,000 scouts at
    the Jamboree. You think your head is pulsing now..

  3. Almonds & Walnuts for me...i totally forgot about honey comb cereal

  4. Jeff,

    First of all, this is not Becky, it's Wayne.

    Becky sat me down and forced me to read your blog. (I'm not much of a blog reader.) I think she wanted to show me that I'm not the only one I know on a diet. I have tried several over the years with NO success. I finally found one that works for me.

    I started January 1, 2009. I am down 35 pounds. Only 15 to go. What finally worked for me is thinking about calories as money. I put myself on a calorie budget. I get so many calories per day. At the end of the day, output must exceed input. So, I can either have two big candy bars and starve the rest of the day, or I can have a balanced, portion controlled meal with lots of veggies and not feel starved. I feel a lot better, and my shirts are beginning to fit again. I have had to start wearing a belt to keep my pants up rather than using it to keep my belly in. (It kept flopping over the top of my belt anyway.) Becky took photos, but I won't send them as the Blog Police would shut down your blog for posting them.

    Take care,


  5. Hola Wayne. Nice story. Be brave. Post the pictures. I recall that when we all lived in Antioch, you used to exercise all regular like. Are you still mixing in some extra cardio, or do yo just stick to your calorie budget and your family hikes?