Monday, April 5, 2010

I think I ate the Easter Bunny

Whew, Easter.

We spent a great day with friends eating everything good. Chicken-Cream Cheese-Hot Sauce thingy. Mango, Sour Cream, Brown sugar thingy. Perfect, and I mean perfect, tenderloin. Asparagus soaked in good stuff. Mandarin Orange salad. Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream. Chocolate Fondu. Did I mention some amazing Potatoes Au gratin. Mercy.

I am happy I didn't eat myself into a coma...but I ate some of everything and went back for more meat and potatoes.


Back up to 194 this morning. I got up later than I wanted and didn't have time for yoga/stretching. I skipped my Pilates reformer workout tonight. Annette and I have been doing that workout together for a while now. More on the reformer later, but the best part is doing something with Annette. We skipped tonight to go roller skating with some friends from work. I worked up a nice sweat skating for about an hour with only one rest. Turns out roller skating was Annette's whole life 6-8th grade. Couples skate, shoot the duck, redlight greenlight, finding the cool boys that could skate backwards, and first makeout sessions. I heard it all. Good times.

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  1. Make out sessions at the skating rink wearing my super cool skates was the best!