Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's that smell?

Depending on where your mind spends its time, your first thought on reading today's title could be interesting.  Not be too indelicate, but Annette says I don't smell so bad in some ways since I have been eating a more balanced, less greezy diet.

Diet.  A word I hate.

But today is so beautiful outside I will leave any hatin' for another day.  That is not exactly true.  I am gonna hate on my first month of tries at 'smoothies'.  I usually get motivated to make one because I am trying to jazz up a whey mixture that I dread.  I try and drink it after a hard work out just because a gym rat told me too.  I ended up buying a bucket of it at a local health food outlet.  The sales guy was priceless, telling me not to add yogurt or I would look bloated.  I asked him how much more bloated could I look?

Complaint number one is that it gets all foamy.  How do you mix up this blech without it getting frothy?  I've tried adding some fun stuff...bananas, strawberries, blueberries and some homemade pomegranate juice.  The taste improves, but the fluff is OUT OF CONTROL.  Then, this morning, I got the distinct smell of rotten eggs hitting my nose right before I gulped.  This version tastes the best so far, but the smell is a disincentive.  Well, I will just keep my mad scientist wig on and keep trying.


189.  The 80's.  Jeffy is smiling.  Great run through the cherries Thursday.  Hamachi and Sake for dinner Friday night.  Circuit kicked my tail at the gym this morning.  And, I am writing this while listening to Catherine Russell, my current female singer crush.  Just puts me in a great place.


  1. Fast Sunday....empty stomach....Paul ate raw onions yesterday for lunch. Need I say more?

    189? Awesome Jeff!! I, on the other hand, spent a few days traveling this week, so obviously didn't lose any weight. I only ate at one "all you can eat" restaurant, and did eat some healthy "wraps" instead of burgers. I'm about the same weight as when I left though.

  2. It's always a wonderful feeling to change the ten's digit. Congratulations!

    For now Wayne is sticking to just counting calories. He says he doesn't have time for daily exercise when he's gone from 6 AM to 7 PM and often has church meetings after that. So, he keeps planning family hikes. He and Steven did 50 miles in three days over spring break. Maybe someday he'll have time for a daily walk to watch the sunset!

  3. D - Thanks. Best part is I am feeling great.

    B - Wayne the Hiker. I finally got roped into a 50 miler with the Scouts. It was awesome but I suffered for my sins. Luckily I had another turtle with me. Too many goats on that trip and not enough turtles.

    One of my favorite nutrition books, which I will discuss in a up coming post (please hold your breath) places the emphasis on weight as the major health however Wayne gets that belly fat is off! Good riddance. Now say all the ways you can say good-bye in any foreign language. I know how to say a couple, but cannot spell them. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. My favorite part of this post is the photo at the end.

    Mega-frothy smoothie + super-poofy hair = total sweetness.

    More pictures, please?

  5. Don't flip me off - I'm not the one that made you buy Pouffy Powder. Jeez.

  6. KG - Ha, I didn't notice. Couldn't it be a finger curl? I am working out ALWAYS. :)