Saturday, April 10, 2010


Many moons I ago I was visiting with a young couple from church in their home. We were just getting to know each other and I asked the young husband what his hobbies were and he busted out a tape of people beating the living day lights out of each other. He called it UFC, a form of mixed martial arts where the only thing that could stop a fight was unconsciousness or submitting by tapping out.

I forgot about it for a while until the last several years where it seems to be making a comeback. The format seems modified...they seem to stop things sooner. They probably needed to follow some rules to get more sponsors, etc. I am still not sure what UFC stands for, but I use it when I am abusing something to the point of destroying it. I use tapping or choking out interchangeably. So, when I say I am choking out my alarm clock, I am smashing it against the floor trying to get it to submit.

Or I might say I UFC'd some zucchini when I mean I was trying to lightly steam it but forgot about it while watching reruns of Family Feud with dead Richard Dawson and ended up making baby food style zucchini. You could say that the zucchini 'tapped out' or 'submitted'.

By the way...Feast or Famine II is postponed again, where I will reveal some ground breaking speculation on the subject.


193 this morning.  Great circuit work out last night.  Great adult pinewood derby.  Then a late night visit to Chili's.  My daughter is home from school and her cool boyfriend and my sister and her cool husband and my wife and her cool son went and and and I didn't want to miss the fun.  So I went.  Chili's will grill salmon and steam some yummy broccoli, so the plan was good.  But then I went off on the chips and salsa, the cheese fries and when my niece wasn't looking I was gulping her chocolate shake.


  1. Paul and I hit "Tadai" last night. It's all you can eat. I ate all I could eat. We tried to justify it by walking the entire length of Sun
    Valley mall. It didn't make me feel any less full though. And for the record, Tadai isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's over priced, even with the buy one, get one half off special. The food wasn't that good, and the fish wasn't fresh. Bleh. The Chinese all you can eat here in town are much better. What was I thinking going to an all you can eat when I'm trying to lose weight?

    Love the slinky car. :)

  2. SEXIST! I hope you noticed that only the boys in your post are 'cool'. Whatever. You were just jealous over my dance moves last night.

  3. BROTHERIST! The only person you critisize in your comments is your brother.

    I was thinking more of complimenting the outsiders as opposed to insulting the women. And yes, I consider Paul an outsider or maybe a pet.

    And, I WAS jealous of you dance moves. I am going to get that movie and post it here so my growing legion of followers will be inside the inside jokes. Ha!

    Legion, of course, used loosely at this point.

  4. I need spell/grammar/sense check on the comment engine...stat!

  5. Ah, I see. All is clear now (

    I feel bad for the alarm clock, but I don't feel too bad for the zucchini.