Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survived and Thrived

I did not go to Ronald's house of fried flavor and poison.  Check
I ate several small, balanced meals.  Check
I looked forward to and enjoyed my circuit training.  Check
I crossed from the 90's into the 80's.  Check.

It is easier to enjoy the journey when you can check a few things off the list.

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  1. I love the Blog Jeff. Sometimes it is easy to forget the entire psychological ups and downs of working towards and obtaining fitness related goals. Your blog is an excellent example of the many struggles and successes that all are integrated into the overly simplified "getting into shape" goal that many of us have. Kudos!

    Smoothie recipe:

    Two cups frozen berries
    1/2 a banana
    1/4 cup plain non-fat yogurt
    Table spoon ground flax seed
    1 cup of unsweetened green tea (or juice)

    Sometimes I add an orange

    What ever I do not consume I freeze and just mix with green tea the next time I am up for a smoothie.